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A word that means being alone, depressed, disappointed or sad?

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There can be a lot of words that can be related to being alone, depressed, disappointed or sad. It can be of a love, relationship, or life. For the general sadness, here are some of the words I have:

bel hevi (Tok Pisin) - lit. “belly heavy”; a tangible sinking feeling often experienced in tandem with great sadness

depressionen (German) - a condition of mental disturbance, typically with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest in life

eremophobia - fear of being alone

hypophrenia - a vague feeling of sadness, seemingly without cause

katzenjammer (German) - lit. “cat’s wail”; discordant sound; sometimes used to indicate a general state of depression or bewilderment

matutolypea - sadness or irritation felt by some people when getting up in the morning; “getting up on the wrong side of the bed

mélancolie (French) - a state of sadness or unhappiness

mono no aware (物の哀れ, Japanese) - enjoying the sadness of the inevitable cycle of life

nakakapanghinayang (Filipino) - a feeling of regret for not having used something or not having take advantage of a situation; the feeling of encountering something you ought to preserve or keep but are afraid to take the risk of doing so, in fear of the regret you may experience later; “what a waste” 

termangu-mangu (Indonesian) - being sad and not sure what to do

toská (тоска, Russian) - a great spiritual anguish, usually without any cause or condition

ulaia (Hawaiian) - to live as a hermit because of disappointment

waldeinsamkeit (German) - the feeling of being peacefully alone in the woods

weltschmerz (German) lit. “world-pain”; the depression you feel when the world as it is doesn’t reflect what you think it should be

아쉬움 (Korean) - a mingling of unsatisfaction, wistfulness, disappointment, regret, higher hopes, frustration and sadness; It’s the feeling you get when you fail an exam by 1%. Or what you experience when you’ve probably eaten enough, but feel like there’s a little something missing. When you say ‘That’s a shame’, “If only this had(n’t) happened!” or ‘Oh well, I guess there’s nothing to be done…’, you are feeling 아쉬움.

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